Monday, December 19, 2011

The Key to a Woman's Heart: Suspenders and Bow Ties

I admit, I'm a very fickle blogger.  Hence, apologies for the lack of postings lately.  I have returned though, and with an astounding revelation, just in time for the holidays.  Have you ever noticed that when a man dons a pair of suspenders and a well-picked bow tie, he never fails to dazzle and impress all those around him?  Well, I have.  
Think about all those swoon-worthy or just plain adorable men out there who are ardent supporters of the suspender/bow tie combo (Think Matt Smith as the adorkable Dr. Who, Ed Westwick as the brooding Chuck Bass, Stylist Brad Goreski, or Darren Criss as the hunky and talented Blaine Anderson and I think you'll get the idea).  Half of what makes these men great is the way they dress, with such effortless style.  
So why not check out Paul Smith, Charvet, Tom Ford, or Christian Lacriox and invest in your own splendid collection of 'spenders and bow ties? Nobody ever regrets looking fabulous.

Evidence of Bow Tie/Suspender Fabulousness

Monday, November 14, 2011

Men in Skirts or How to Look Really Really Ugly

I like new fashion trends, and sometimes even fashion trends that are here one day and gone the next catch my eye in a positive way.  There is however, one strange fashion fad that I cannot stand, no matter what good argument you put up.  Get ready *drum roll* in skirts (Don't get me wrong.  I'm not talking about Scottish Kilts or other culturally significant clothing worn at celebratory cultural events.  For that there is definitely a time and place.  Rather, I'm talking about men wearing skirts at any other time and for any other reason.  Real men DON'T wear skirts.)   Did you puke in your mouth like I just did?  
I'm all for men testing the limits of gender assigned clothing, as long as they can still manage to look presentable and fashionable.  But when they decide to don something that makes them look plain ridiculous, there is obviously a problem.  Below are a few photos to demonstrate to you that skirts and men should not mix. Ever.

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW.  Vin Diesel wore this disgusting leather pleated skirt to the MTV Europe Music Awards and was called out by a million fashion police for looking like the most ridiculous thing to ever walk the earth (with the exception of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson, that is).  But worst of all? He twirled for the cameras, losing any shred of manliness he might have had left.

While this could be just mistaken as a really big t-shirt, I'm pretty sure there's a leather skirt sticking out under there.  I love you Kanye, but this has got to stop.  You rock it so much more when you wear  nice suit.

Diddy thought it would be cool if he wore a kilt to perform in Glasgow.  It wasn't cool.  If I was Scottish, I would be horribly offended.  Actually, I'm still horribly offended that anyone would go on stage looking like this.  Stick to the lowriding jeans Diddy.  At least you can pull those off.

Jared Leto has always been a little on the strange side of fashion, acting, and well everything.  But I've always respected, if not adored, his strangeness.  This though, is too much.  This goes beyond the realm of "strange" and lands somewhere in the realm of "I'm out of my freaking mind".

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween: Eerie Ghost Car Advertisement from Great Britian

In honour of Halloween, I want to show you this slightly earie advertisement. This is a British car commercial that allegedly caught a real ghost on camera. The ghost was not noticed until after filming was through though. To make things even more disturbing, a spooky EVP was also captured in the background of this footage. If you haven't seen this yet, you may have to make it full screen and turn up the volume to catch it.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Turning Loss into Profit: How to Gain from Others' Misfortune

Jill Alexander, founder of an ingenious little company called The Divorcée Sale, knows how to play a market.  With the company she started, she gives women who have recently gotten divorced, a chance to move on with their lives.  How? Well, she buys old designer clothes, shoes, jewlery, and bags from recently divorced women who are hoping to move on with their lives and get rid of remnants of their wardrobes that remind them of certain ex-husbands.  And then, here comes the great part, she resells the wardrobe items at drastically reduced prices.  Christian Louboutin shoes which are normally selling for over 800 bucks, are selling for just over 400 at The Divorcée Sale events.  
What's even more great though, is that whatever profit each sale makes, some of the proceeds are donated to various women's charities.  It's pretty much a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially Ms. Alexander, who is now making a killing off of her newly found business.  Some people just have all the good ideas.  

Just some of the things available at a recent sale

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lanvin Just Won a Bajillion Cool Points

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011 - Steven Meisel - B2Pro Lighting from B2Pro on Vimeo.

Found this on a friend's tumblr .  Lanvin just won a bajillion cool points as far as I'm concerned. Oh, by the way, I love how amazingly tiny Alber Elbaz is.  He's rockin.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Woes of A Private School Kid

I go to a private school down the road from our house, and thus, I can sympathize with the thousands of other private school goers who have to wear ill-fitting and ugly uniforms 5 days a week all school year.  My school's formal uniform happens to be more terrible than most though.  It consists of an itchy maroon v-neck cardigan that is so ill-fitting that you could fit a horse in the sleeves, an awkward white golf shirt where the front is shorter than the back, a pleated red, grey, and blue kilt (for girls), and knee high socks.  What makes it worse is that the teachers are so nit-picky about it.  If your shoes aren't the same colour as your socks, you have to wear bags on your shoes or pay several dollars to rent shoes.  If your shirt is untucked, it's a terrible sin and to detention you must go.  It's all very aggravating.  To alleviate the pain I go through everyday of having to wear the same dorky thing, I've decided to compile a list of the best and worst private school uniforms.  Enjoy!

The Worst Private School Uniforms

Having been to Australia,  I know they have pretty terrible school uniforms, but this is worst than most.  Seriously?! I know green and yellow are Australia's colours, but it doesn't mean people should wear them to school.  And those hats are so so bad.  So bad.
Sorry guys, but you should not be smiling while wearing this disgusting-beyond-words ensemble.   The plaid dress makes me want to cry, and not tears of joy.
These poor people.  Not only do they have to pose for a dorky picture, they also have to wear those gross green things.  I like blazers, just not atrociously ugly green ones.
Oh my, this is truly terrible.  This is what these girls had to wear after their school got rid of shorter plaid skirts for being"immodest".  It looks like these girls are mourning or something.  If I had to wear that, I would be mourning too.

The Best (or at least the least visually offensive) Private School Uniforms

While this isn't that great, I find blazers always alleviate some of the pain and suffering.  I wish my school had the good sense to have blazers as part of the uniform.
I think I put this on the best uniform's list simply because these boys are just really cute.  And there are blazers and ties involved.
It's relatively simple and form fitting.  I think that's the best you can ask for in a private school uniform.
I could totally handle this amazing uniform: white blouses, pencil skirts, and no gross knee high socks.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jason Wu's New Spring 2012 Collection

All I can say about New York Fashion Week is YAY YAY YAY!  It makes me almost pee with happiness.  I know it's still early on, and there's still going to be so much amazing talent and failures to see, but so far, I am really impressed with Jason Wu's Collection for Spring 2012.  It has a very fun, sporty feel to it, yet still feels very classy and couture.  And I love all the cropped pants. Alot.   

For more of Jason Wu's 2012 Spring Collection, click here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Needles Anyone?

I have been terrified of acupuncture since forever.  My fear was magnified a hundred-fold after watching the preview for Final Destination 5, where a man falls off the acupuncture bed and lands on his needles.  I've even had acupuncture nightmares since then.  Yesterday though, while playing in a soccer tournament, I had the unfortunate luck of spraining my ankle pretty badly.  I was taken to the hospital, where the doctor recommended the usual treatment of RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) and a Physio appointment.  I took the news with a brave face and was ready to just give in and veg on the last day of my summer vacation.  My mother though, would have none of it.  Today, desperate for me to start playing soccer again as soon as possible, she took me to see her masseur...who also happens to be a professional acupuncturist.  Yay me.

My ankle getting some good old Chinese therapy
Actually, it ended up not hurting nearly as much as I thought it would.  Indeed, I feel surprisingly refreshed, except for the strong aura of bitter Chinese medicine that will probably linger around me for years to come.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Italian Ladies: Teaser for the Met's Next Major ShinDig

Just found out about the Met's next major exhibition, which will launch with the always ultra-glam Met Ball.  The exhibition is set to showcase Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli, two of fashion's most influential Italian women.  Naturally, this got me really really excited, considering what an astounding success this year's exhibition, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, was (which by the way met with a record breaking 661,509 visitor count).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Restoin Roitfelds: The Power Quadruple

I love the Restoin Roitfeld family.  I'm obsessed intrigued by their deep artistic veins, and the fact that once again they are a shining testament that where there is a power couple, there are gorgeous talented children too.  Perhaps most famous of the family, Carine Roitfeld was the former editor of French Vogue, and has this killer fashion sense.  She also loves to wear that which no one else but her could pull off.  Her longtime partner (a whopping 30 years!), Christian Restoin is the creative consultant of the shirt collection Equipment that was relaunched in Spring 2010 by Serge Azria.  Their son Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld is a former model living in New York and currently working as an art dealer/curator doing some of the most incredible shows around.  Their daughter, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, is likewise making a name for herself as a rising socialite and muse to legendary designer Tom Ford.  I've seen some of her modeling stuff, and she is really talented, one of the next up and coming in the NYC scene.
 All in all, this family scored ridiculously high in the talent section, and not too badly in the looks section too.  But my favorite part of them, is their sense of style.  Bold, sexy, and always on top of things.  The fashion blog Demi-Couture says of the Restoin Roitfelds, "I can’t imagine a more intense, brutally elegant French family."  Well said indeed.

 Carine Roitfeld, As Taken by 'The Sartorialist'

Julia, Featured in Vogue China

Vladimir, Latest Art Showcase for Nicolas Pol

(Vladimir is on the right in both pictures) 

Christian and Carine

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stella McCartney's Ready-to-Wear Spring 2012 Collection

Stella McCartney's career as a fashion designer has been very controversial and often prone to staunch criticism.  In the past, she's always been described as capable, though not always innovative or the height of talent.  Some harsher critics would even go as far as to argue that she rose to fame solely as a result of her father being the former Beatles' member Sir Paul McCartney.  While I do think Stella McCartney possesses quite a fair amount of talent, she never was what I would call an inspired designer.  Recently though, I took a look at her ready-to-wear Spring 2012 collection and found that either my tastes have changed, or this year Stella McCartney has finally designed a collection that inspired me.  Below are my favorite looks I took away from the collection.

It's not ultra fabulous or stand out-ish, but it is elegant and I'm in love with dresses that cut off just above the knee.

I love the splash of yellow that makes this outfit come alive yet still remain professional, but the blazer is a bit frumpy for my tastes.  The idea of this outfit though, is very chic, what with the high waisted skinny pants and the white button up collar wrapped up together nicely with a colourful blazer and great clutch.  

This look is similar to the one above, but with a colourful blouse peeking through underneath, and very neutral tones on the outside.

I don't know what the hell kind of brooch that is pinned to the dress, but the dress itself is very elegant and luxurious with the neckline border (silk?) dropping and ending near the hip to give the illusion that it's a wrap dress.  Also, I love how this dress again ends just before the knee and how the gold detailing on the clutch (and even that weird brooch) wrap up the whole look with a sense of extreme beauty and modish simplicity. 

Oh, if only all pantsuits could look as splendid as this one.  It's sophisticated and casual, and yet exudes a sense of demure femininity.  And the red purse adds just a big enough splash of colour to make this look interesting, while still drawing attention to the graceful figure the pantsuit creates.  

This dress is admittedly plain, but it has aspects that make it great: it has pockets (a definite love),  three-quarter length sleeves, is form fitting, and is white.  With the blonde hair of the model giving the look a glow, it gives the dress an angelic look that paired with a few bright accessories, would turn this look into something infinitely stylish.    

To check out more of Stella McCartney's 2012 Spring Collection, click here.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Christian Louboutin Vs. Yves Saint Laurent: The Shoe Feud

Christian Louboutin has (almost ridiculously) decided to sue Yves Saint Laurent for over a million dollars in damages, claiming that Yves Saint Laurent was "copying" its shoes' most distinctive feature, the trademark red sole.  That being said, the case plot thickened when YSL decided to countersue Louboutin stating that a designer has no right to monopolize a whole colour.  The judge working on the case was unconvinced with the countersue apparently and sided with Louboutin, refusing to accept any of YSL's arguments.  The YSL lawyer David Bernstein argued that YSL has been using the red as a signature colour since it began in 1982 and that even King Louis XIV of France and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ had red-soled shoes! Ha.
To bad that was considered unreliable findings by the judge.  Anyway, they won't know the verdict until later as the judge presiding over the case has asked for more time.  He's probably going to find out which shoe his wife likes best and side with that designer.  

What do you guys think? Whose right, YSL or Louboutin?

Christian Louboutin

Yves Saint Laurent

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1920s Pin-Up Girl Style

There's something oddly appealing about the early 20th century, specifically the 20s.  Maybe it was the wonderful new automobiles and the carefreeness that seemed so prevalent.  OR, maybe it was the sudden emergence of fashion hounds like Coco Chanel and the simplicity and playful feminism that seemed to emerge in fashion.  Recently, I've become sort of intrigued with the 1920's pin-up girl style, the sort of style major icons like Marilyn Monroe enjoyed so much.  Even today, pin-up girl style seems to be sticking around, with celebrities and fashion moguls turning up the heat in characteristic bold red-lipstick, wavy hair, fake luxurious eyelashes, dropping necklines, flared skirts, and sometimes the odd piece of hosiery.

The ultimate pin-up girl. Marilyn Monroe!


Britt Maren

Diane Kruger

Charlotte Sullivan

Dita Von Teese