Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello beautifuls, I know it's ever so been long, but life calls.

 If you still want to see oodles of cool fashion, you can check out my tumblr at  I was just wondering though, if anyone knows of any interesting internships (paid or not) concerning things to do with writing or editing.  I have experience writing, but not professionally, and would love some summer work.  So, if you know of anything, I would be ever so grateful if you could give me some details.

Goodbye for now!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Invisible Children

          Last night, #KONY2012 started trending when Invisible Children Inc. put up a video to show the world the atrocities of Joseph Kony and the rebel force known as the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) in Central Africa.  Invisible Children uses the power of film to raise awareness of the abductions and forcing of children to become soldiers.  This year, Invisible Children hopes to finally be able to see Kony arrested and tried for his crimes, but to do so, people all over the world need to be aware of who he really is.  This video is powerful. Stop a moment and watch.

For more information:
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pardon My French

Oh My God. This is amazing. Garance Dore is such an inspiration in the fashion photography/blogging world.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Key to Spring Sunglasses Swag

It's been ages and I've been up to my neck in busy-ness.  Scholarship essays and university applications have been bogging me down and making me want to crawl into a corner and die, but I have emerged victorious and with acceptance letters in hand.
Now, to more exciting matters.  Spring is on the horizon, fast approaching, and with it, sunny days are making their return.  And unless you're really weird (like me), live in a place that has eternal sunshine (damn you), or are a rapper, you haven't been sporting the shades for some months now.   But now that the sun has returned, you can finally grab those sunglasses and go out and enjoy the great outdoors.  So...what kind of sunglasses should you or your guy be wearing?

1. Warby Parker sunglasses are always classy.
2. Rayban Clubmasters are a personal favorite.
3. Garret Leight with the keyhole nose bridge is back in a big way.
4. Tortoise Shell shades are always in.
5. Love me some Moscot Originals.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Key to a Woman's Heart: Suspenders and Bow Ties

I admit, I'm a very fickle blogger.  Hence, apologies for the lack of postings lately.  I have returned though, and with an astounding revelation, just in time for the holidays.  Have you ever noticed that when a man dons a pair of suspenders and a well-picked bow tie, he never fails to dazzle and impress all those around him?  Well, I have.  
Think about all those swoon-worthy or just plain adorable men out there who are ardent supporters of the suspender/bow tie combo (Think Matt Smith as the adorkable Dr. Who, Ed Westwick as the brooding Chuck Bass, Stylist Brad Goreski, or Darren Criss as the hunky and talented Blaine Anderson and I think you'll get the idea).  Half of what makes these men great is the way they dress, with such effortless style.  
So why not check out Paul Smith, Charvet, Tom Ford, or Christian Lacriox and invest in your own splendid collection of 'spenders and bow ties? Nobody ever regrets looking fabulous.

Evidence of Bow Tie/Suspender Fabulousness

Monday, November 14, 2011

Men in Skirts or How to Look Really Really Ugly

I like new fashion trends, and sometimes even fashion trends that are here one day and gone the next catch my eye in a positive way.  There is however, one strange fashion fad that I cannot stand, no matter what good argument you put up.  Get ready *drum roll* in skirts (Don't get me wrong.  I'm not talking about Scottish Kilts or other culturally significant clothing worn at celebratory cultural events.  For that there is definitely a time and place.  Rather, I'm talking about men wearing skirts at any other time and for any other reason.  Real men DON'T wear skirts.)   Did you puke in your mouth like I just did?  
I'm all for men testing the limits of gender assigned clothing, as long as they can still manage to look presentable and fashionable.  But when they decide to don something that makes them look plain ridiculous, there is obviously a problem.  Below are a few photos to demonstrate to you that skirts and men should not mix. Ever.

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW.  Vin Diesel wore this disgusting leather pleated skirt to the MTV Europe Music Awards and was called out by a million fashion police for looking like the most ridiculous thing to ever walk the earth (with the exception of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson, that is).  But worst of all? He twirled for the cameras, losing any shred of manliness he might have had left.

While this could be just mistaken as a really big t-shirt, I'm pretty sure there's a leather skirt sticking out under there.  I love you Kanye, but this has got to stop.  You rock it so much more when you wear  nice suit.

Diddy thought it would be cool if he wore a kilt to perform in Glasgow.  It wasn't cool.  If I was Scottish, I would be horribly offended.  Actually, I'm still horribly offended that anyone would go on stage looking like this.  Stick to the lowriding jeans Diddy.  At least you can pull those off.

Jared Leto has always been a little on the strange side of fashion, acting, and well everything.  But I've always respected, if not adored, his strangeness.  This though, is too much.  This goes beyond the realm of "strange" and lands somewhere in the realm of "I'm out of my freaking mind".

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween: Eerie Ghost Car Advertisement from Great Britian

In honour of Halloween, I want to show you this slightly earie advertisement. This is a British car commercial that allegedly caught a real ghost on camera. The ghost was not noticed until after filming was through though. To make things even more disturbing, a spooky EVP was also captured in the background of this footage. If you haven't seen this yet, you may have to make it full screen and turn up the volume to catch it.

Happy Halloween!