Monday, December 19, 2011

The Key to a Woman's Heart: Suspenders and Bow Ties

I admit, I'm a very fickle blogger.  Hence, apologies for the lack of postings lately.  I have returned though, and with an astounding revelation, just in time for the holidays.  Have you ever noticed that when a man dons a pair of suspenders and a well-picked bow tie, he never fails to dazzle and impress all those around him?  Well, I have.  
Think about all those swoon-worthy or just plain adorable men out there who are ardent supporters of the suspender/bow tie combo (Think Matt Smith as the adorkable Dr. Who, Ed Westwick as the brooding Chuck Bass, Stylist Brad Goreski, or Darren Criss as the hunky and talented Blaine Anderson and I think you'll get the idea).  Half of what makes these men great is the way they dress, with such effortless style.  
So why not check out Paul Smith, Charvet, Tom Ford, or Christian Lacriox and invest in your own splendid collection of 'spenders and bow ties? Nobody ever regrets looking fabulous.

Evidence of Bow Tie/Suspender Fabulousness

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