Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Woes of A Private School Kid

I go to a private school down the road from our house, and thus, I can sympathize with the thousands of other private school goers who have to wear ill-fitting and ugly uniforms 5 days a week all school year.  My school's formal uniform happens to be more terrible than most though.  It consists of an itchy maroon v-neck cardigan that is so ill-fitting that you could fit a horse in the sleeves, an awkward white golf shirt where the front is shorter than the back, a pleated red, grey, and blue kilt (for girls), and knee high socks.  What makes it worse is that the teachers are so nit-picky about it.  If your shoes aren't the same colour as your socks, you have to wear bags on your shoes or pay several dollars to rent shoes.  If your shirt is untucked, it's a terrible sin and to detention you must go.  It's all very aggravating.  To alleviate the pain I go through everyday of having to wear the same dorky thing, I've decided to compile a list of the best and worst private school uniforms.  Enjoy!

The Worst Private School Uniforms

Having been to Australia,  I know they have pretty terrible school uniforms, but this is worst than most.  Seriously?! I know green and yellow are Australia's colours, but it doesn't mean people should wear them to school.  And those hats are so so bad.  So bad.
Sorry guys, but you should not be smiling while wearing this disgusting-beyond-words ensemble.   The plaid dress makes me want to cry, and not tears of joy.
These poor people.  Not only do they have to pose for a dorky picture, they also have to wear those gross green things.  I like blazers, just not atrociously ugly green ones.
Oh my, this is truly terrible.  This is what these girls had to wear after their school got rid of shorter plaid skirts for being"immodest".  It looks like these girls are mourning or something.  If I had to wear that, I would be mourning too.

The Best (or at least the least visually offensive) Private School Uniforms

While this isn't that great, I find blazers always alleviate some of the pain and suffering.  I wish my school had the good sense to have blazers as part of the uniform.
I think I put this on the best uniform's list simply because these boys are just really cute.  And there are blazers and ties involved.
It's relatively simple and form fitting.  I think that's the best you can ask for in a private school uniform.
I could totally handle this amazing uniform: white blouses, pencil skirts, and no gross knee high socks.

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