Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stella McCartney's Ready-to-Wear Spring 2012 Collection

Stella McCartney's career as a fashion designer has been very controversial and often prone to staunch criticism.  In the past, she's always been described as capable, though not always innovative or the height of talent.  Some harsher critics would even go as far as to argue that she rose to fame solely as a result of her father being the former Beatles' member Sir Paul McCartney.  While I do think Stella McCartney possesses quite a fair amount of talent, she never was what I would call an inspired designer.  Recently though, I took a look at her ready-to-wear Spring 2012 collection and found that either my tastes have changed, or this year Stella McCartney has finally designed a collection that inspired me.  Below are my favorite looks I took away from the collection.

It's not ultra fabulous or stand out-ish, but it is elegant and I'm in love with dresses that cut off just above the knee.

I love the splash of yellow that makes this outfit come alive yet still remain professional, but the blazer is a bit frumpy for my tastes.  The idea of this outfit though, is very chic, what with the high waisted skinny pants and the white button up collar wrapped up together nicely with a colourful blazer and great clutch.  

This look is similar to the one above, but with a colourful blouse peeking through underneath, and very neutral tones on the outside.

I don't know what the hell kind of brooch that is pinned to the dress, but the dress itself is very elegant and luxurious with the neckline border (silk?) dropping and ending near the hip to give the illusion that it's a wrap dress.  Also, I love how this dress again ends just before the knee and how the gold detailing on the clutch (and even that weird brooch) wrap up the whole look with a sense of extreme beauty and modish simplicity. 

Oh, if only all pantsuits could look as splendid as this one.  It's sophisticated and casual, and yet exudes a sense of demure femininity.  And the red purse adds just a big enough splash of colour to make this look interesting, while still drawing attention to the graceful figure the pantsuit creates.  

This dress is admittedly plain, but it has aspects that make it great: it has pockets (a definite love),  three-quarter length sleeves, is form fitting, and is white.  With the blonde hair of the model giving the look a glow, it gives the dress an angelic look that paired with a few bright accessories, would turn this look into something infinitely stylish.    

To check out more of Stella McCartney's 2012 Spring Collection, click here.

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