Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skating Nightmares

Today, to celebrate my Canadianhood (see? we even make up words), I participated in one of Canada's favorite pastimes: ice skating.  As I was skating around listening to bad 80's music blaring on the speakers, I came to a sudden realization.  Skaters wear the freaking UGLIEST costumes/uniforms imaginable.  If you think about it, figure skating costumes are just weird, tacky outfits that look like a kid went crazy with the scissors and sequins.  And hockey uniforms are just huge shirts and shorts, and with all that gear underneath, just aid in making a person look really really fat.  Below I've compiled some photos of amazing skaters that need a costume change.

All those stripes are really hurting my eyes.

OH MY GOSH. These costumes speak VERY bad taste.

These Canadian women decided to go crazy after they won the gold
medal at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, drinking and smoking on
the ice in front of the whole world.  As if they didn't already look ridiculous
enough! We Canadians are so classy. 

This screams, "I've been attacked by a rapid animal!"

All I have to say is don't be sponsored by McD's.  What in the
hell is this???

Ponchos are always best left at home.

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