Sunday, June 12, 2011

William & Kate Look Gorgeous for the Queen's Official Birthday

Prince William and Duchess Catherine (AKA the lovely Kate Middleton) rode through central London on Saturday as part of Will's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday celebration.  Apparently, the Queen actually turned 85 in April, but the public party for the Queen is held on a Saturday in June since the weather is better.  Go Figure.  I wish I had two birthdays so that I could get double the gifts so that the weather could always be nice on it.  Anyway, I just thought Will, and more especially Kate, looked their usual stunning selves.  Kate wore a sophisticated ivory jacket and black hat, which has fast become one of her iconic pieces.  Will on the other hand, wore the same red Irish Guards tunic with a blue sash that he wore at his wedding, and looked dashing (even with the furry hat).  I've posted some pictures below for you to enjoy.

The beautiful queen herself, with her Prince Charming.

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