Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Brilliant Photographer's Take of Paris in the (Sort of) Springtime

I realize summer has hit in full now, at least where I live.  So, the title of this blog entry may seem strange to you.  However, please bear with me and soldier on as I explain.  
GQ Magazine's Wandering Eye (AKA Gordon von Steiner) is right up on my list of favorite fashion photographers, along with of course The Sartorialist.  In April (yes I know, how very uncurrent of me), he put together an album on GQ Style that I did not find until yesterday, which is a compilation of photogs of fashionable Parisians in spring.  It was however, too fantastic not to blog about, so I decided to go for it.  In explanation, Mr. Gordon von Steiner wrote as his caption for the album, "Transitioning from the avalanche that was this winter to whatever-this-is-now can be tricky...unless you're a devil-may-care Parisian."  Expertly said Mr. Steiner, expertly said.  Anyway, here is a few beautious specimens from the album that I hope you will enjoy thoroughly.

Simple outfit livened up with striking yellow. Love.
Yum. Nice Scarf.
Love the colour of the pants, and the big shoes too.  And the hair.
Great sunglasses, scarf, and jacket combo.
Love how the jacket goes so well with the snakeskin.
Classic in black. What a beauty.
OMG love these guys' look (except the mustaches that is!)
Business sexy casual.

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