Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's Better Than Carey Mulligan's Wit and Charm, Pre-Raphaelite Art, the 1960s, and French, French, and more French?

I know I should have wrote this back when the movie actually came out, but I actually didn't watch it until yesterday night.  I'm talking about the most fantastic movie I've watched this whole year, that is 'An Education.'  When Ms. Mulligan first steps on to the screen as young Jenny in the beginning, I nearly screamed with delight.  Never have I seen a movie where the screenplay feels exquisitely modern despite its gorgeously rendered 1960s setting.  And when Mulligan first spoke, I knew already that I was going to fall in love with this movie.  Nick Hornby, who wrote the screenplay, keeps the movie light and at times playful, yet delves insightfully into the perils of near-adulthood that Mulligan is thrust into.  Peter Sarsgaard as David is also a fantastic actor, appearing both appealing and creepy at the same time.  The scenes of London and Paris add an additional glow to this already entrapping movie.   
  Mulligan's acting however, is the best part of this whole thing, portraying with accuracy Jenny's grasp of French, love of French films, French music, French cigarettes, art, jazz clubs, and yearning for freedom and colour in her seemingly dull English life.  And she makes you fall in love with her and this movie, over and over again.  

Gorgeous dress she's wearing, and gorgeous hair.

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