Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Mash-Up AKA *Hint Hint* My Birthday Was Yesterday and You Didn't Get Me Anything!

In honor of my birthday and everyone getting out of school for summer break except for me, I compiled a few pieces I wouldn't mind having for my summer wardrobe.  Ok, more accurately, I'm drooling.  Anyway, enjoy these scrumptious pieces.

These Louboutins are sooooo gorgeous.

These Charlotte Olympia Nude Pumps are also drool worthy.

Love Nautical tanktops. Love them.

Tortoise Wayfarers are the best sunglasses ever. EVER. 

Ok, so this may be a bit more spring, but it's a blue and white striped Nautica shirt.  Enough said.

White skinny jeans are like a synonym for summer .

The little white dress is a MUST for summer, and personally, it's my absolute favorite piece.

A fabulous horn bracelet creation by Ms. Ashley Pittman, inlaid with stunning turquoise stone pieces
Another breathtaking Ashley Pittman black horn bracelet with turquoise that I have fallen in love with

Here's another beautiful bracelet, a beautiful hinged wood bangle by Marc Jacobs

A RAD deco spiral ring by Elizabeth and James is one of my '"to-die-for" items!

This ring too is so so so so so ridiculously fabulous!

OMG, I love this turquoise necklace.  OK, I think you may have noticed by now, I like most turquoise jewelry.

I need a beach bag, and I really like the nautical feeling of this one.

So this is a little far fetched, but if I could have any bag, it would be a black snake skin Hermes Birkins Bag. 

Alright, that's it for my birthday wish list.  Oh, and feel free to buy me one or all of the above items.  Just kidding.  Hope you enjoyed drooling over these.  

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