Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad Girl Gone Worse

I realize that I've been continually gushing about my favorite outfits, looks, or fashionistas, without any major dissing or criticism being done.  There are however, numerous people who deserve to be criticized and who should never go outside again, as long as they look the way they do.  Sadly, pretty near number one on that list, is the dear Ms. Rihanna.  She isn't a 'Good Girl Gone Bad.'  She's a Bad Girl Gone Worse.  
God, I hate this woman's tacky tacky style, but even more, I hate her heinous, god-awful hair.  Throughout the years, it has changed quite a bit, but every new hairstyle is worse than the one before.  Incase you have lived under a rock for the last decade, I've put some pictures below to demonstrate just how terrible Rihanna usually looks.  Enjoy, or rather, cringe.

Oh my gosh, the hair! It's red and curly and soooo disgusting.  So So So very disgusting.
And that barely there dress is showing quite a bit more than I ever want to see of her.
Here's another example of disgusting hair: shaved around the sides and shaggy in front
and dyed in the most horrendous... *oh crap I have to go throw up*.
The necklace too is just weird and ugly.
Ok, if you can manage to peek at this hair without clawing your eyes out, you will have to
agree this is pretty darn terrible.  A mohawk with the top dyed blonde!?!?!
NO! That's just soo wrong.
Dear Rihanna, please stop, for the sake of all of us.
W.H.A.T A.R.E Y.O.U W.E.A.R.I.N.G?
That terrible tied tank-top with a random slogan and ill-fitting ballerina skirt make
me want to cry.  And again, the red hair just adds another notch of tackiness to this outfit.
Oh dear, this dress is a nightmare.  It's shapeless and lifeless and those roses look like they
are ready to choke her at any time.

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