Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Style Winners and Losers' on The Best Critiques and Criticisms

The 'Style Winners and Losers' section of the Canadian fashion blog is, in one word, Fabulous.  This site posts pictures every Tuesday or Wednesday of celebrities at events (red carpet or otherwise), and either votes their clothing choices 'Winner' or 'Loser'.  The critics who write for this section (Stephanie McGrath and Christopher Turner) are both brilliant and hilarious in their critiques and criticisms.  Fashion has never been so entertaining.  
Below, are a few samples from last week's 'Style Winners and Losers'.  For more 'Style Winners and Losers': Enjoy!

Elle Macpherson

Christopher: Hello fabulous! Last week supermodel Elle Macpherson was hanging out in Miami and decided to take a little break from her life to remind the world how utterly fabulous she is. Elle posed for photographers outside of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel wearing an incredible mustard yellow halter-top and a pair of matching flared pants. Total 70s-inspired glamour, wouldn't you agree Steph?
His Verdict: Style Winner
Steph: I am ALL OVER THIS, Chris. I'm getting a definite 007 circa Sean Connery vibe from this deliciously unique pantsuit. Gold accessories and a great pair of shades cement the retro image. This is the ultimate supermodel outfit, making Elle look about 90 feet tall and perfectly proportioned (which, I suppose she is anyway). All-in-all, I love this look.
Her Verdict: Style Winner
(credit: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto)

Robyn & Nanna Oland Fabricius

Steph: Chris, I love these singers for brightening my day and giving me a good laugh. Swedish singer Robyn and Danish singer-songwriter Nanna (aka Oh Land) nearly burned my retinas with these outfits worn to the NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood. The striped Pippi Longstocking tights are hilarious, but made much more entertaining when paired with those bright white ankle socks and green shoes. I'm not 100% clear on whether or not the other outfit is a dress, a costume or a really high-cut clown outfit, but whatever it is... I love it for being so terrible. Thanks for giving me a laugh ladies!
Her Verdict: Style Losers
Christopher:I have no idea who Nanna Oland Fabricius is but I will say that I seriously love Robyn. You could say that for the last year and a half I have had a musical obsession with the woman. That being said... I'm fully aware that the girl can't really dress herself... but apparently this Nanna woman can't either. Maybe they bonded over that fact on the red carpet. Edgy styles? Fashion-forward? Nah... just ridiculous. Robyn and Nanna walked last week's NewNowNext red carpet looking like rejects from some super camp Disney flick.
His Verdict: Style Losers
(credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LOGO)

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