Friday, April 29, 2011

The Best and Worst Dressed of the Royal Wedding

Some guests at the wedding wowed people with their classic, yet bold style, while others sadly, did not.
Here's a list of the best and worst dressed guests at the royal wedding.

Best Dressed

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden
Princess Victoria of Sweden looked absolutely devine in a sort-of-coral sort-of-peach fitted wrap ensemble with a dropping neckline and matching wide-brim hat and platform heels.  Her look was completed with a dashing Prince Daniel by her side.
Samantha Cameron
Samantha Cameron, the British Prime Minister's wife, wore a beautiful vivid teal sheath dress by Burberry with elaborate pleating and an orange scarf.  The nude heels completed the posh, sophisticated look. 
Victoria and David Beckham
Fashion designer Victoria Beckham looked stunning in a navy dress and matching hat, complete with custom  Louboutins.  Her husband, soccer player David Beckham, looked ultra suave in a Ralph Lauren suit and top hat. 
Lady Frederick Windsor (Sophie Winkleman)
Lady Frederick Windsor looked divine in a classic blue dress and coat with matching clutch.  Her impressive hat is my favorite part though.  

Worst Dressed

Tara Parker Tomkinson
Tara Parker Tomkinson looked ridiculous in a bright blue coloured dress with matching gloves and heels.  While I do hate the colour of the dress/gloves/shoes/hat, the thing that annoys me most is the shape of the hat.  It's so incredibly tacky.    
Princess Beatrice and Eugenie
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie made a bold statement with two of the most ostentatious hats ever.    It looks like something is attaching Beatrice's head, and that flower on Eugenie's hat makes me gag.  Also, Beatrice's Valentino dress is a tad dowdy, and Eugenie's dress is just cheap looking and a terrible colour and pattern.   
Miriam Clegg
Miriam Clegg looked awful in a grey and black poka-dotted dress with a horrible black frilly thing on her neck (what in the world is that?)  The worst part however, is her horrible droopy pink flower on her head.  It's random and ugly and doesn't go with anything.      

Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton are married at Westminster Abbey!  Right now, I'm watching, waiting for them to come out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace and wave to the masses.  So, in the mean time, here are some fabulous photos from the wedding.  Enjoy!
The lovely couple
Kate, or Duchess Catherine now, looking beautiful.

Pippa Middleton in a hot white dress.
The other fabulous show stoppers! So dashing.

Oh My Gosh, it's here!  The picture of them on the balcony looking so fantastic, which will no doubt become iconic. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another of my Fabulous Playlists

 So, it has again come time for me to share my ever-evolving music playlist with you.  I've recently become quite in love with the dear Dianna Agron's playlists, which you can check out on her tumbler (  As a result, some of my choices may reflect my deep respect for her musical tastes.  Here it is, enjoy my new list.

  • Mumford & Sons - Awake My Soul
  • Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
  • Boy & Bear - Blood to Gold
  • Kings of Convenience -  My Ship Isn't Pretty
  • Noah and the Whale - The Line
  • Noah and the Whale - My Door is Always Open
  • Adele - Turning Tables 
  • Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing
  • Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
  • Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices
  • The Beatles - Blackbird
  • Ray Lamontagne - Empty
  • Ray Lamontagne - Lesson Learned

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deisel Island: The Least F*cked up Country Around, But Definitely the Most Stupid

I don't know if you guys have seen the Deisel Island Ad for Deisel Jeans, but I recently saw it in a TIME Magazine.  The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was pure brilliance.  I mean, c'mon we all know that wearing Deisel jeans makes you look stupid.  Deisel fully realizes this, and with this ad, they now embrace it.  They've made their motto "Land of the stupid, home of the brave".  And I salute them.

The caption under the island name reads: The least f*cked up country in the world. But give us time.
Its caption says: Deisel Island Army preparing for battle (against Costa Rica, the only country without an army)
The caption reads: Pioneers arrive on the Diesel Island, seeking refuge from tyrannical regimes, economic crisis, political corruption and reality shows. 

This one, my personal favorite, says: The World's Largest Exporter of Sexual Energy.  Alternative, but not always clean.

To check out more about Deisel Island, click here or here

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hottest Easter Eggs You'll Ever See

Happy Good Friday everyone!  In honour of this holiday that I don't get off, I present you with Vogue Magazine's competition for designers: 'Dressed Up for Easter'.  This fabulous competition is where designers have a chance to re-imagine easter egg designs.
Let me tell you this. I never knew hard-boiled eggs could look so imaginative, so fashionable.  This has re-inspired me.  I love you Vogue, and after you see this, so will you.

I know, fabulous right?

If you want more of this fabulousness, check out the whole article here

Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Style Winners and Losers' on The Best Critiques and Criticisms

The 'Style Winners and Losers' section of the Canadian fashion blog is, in one word, Fabulous.  This site posts pictures every Tuesday or Wednesday of celebrities at events (red carpet or otherwise), and either votes their clothing choices 'Winner' or 'Loser'.  The critics who write for this section (Stephanie McGrath and Christopher Turner) are both brilliant and hilarious in their critiques and criticisms.  Fashion has never been so entertaining.  
Below, are a few samples from last week's 'Style Winners and Losers'.  For more 'Style Winners and Losers': Enjoy!

Elle Macpherson

Christopher: Hello fabulous! Last week supermodel Elle Macpherson was hanging out in Miami and decided to take a little break from her life to remind the world how utterly fabulous she is. Elle posed for photographers outside of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel wearing an incredible mustard yellow halter-top and a pair of matching flared pants. Total 70s-inspired glamour, wouldn't you agree Steph?
His Verdict: Style Winner
Steph: I am ALL OVER THIS, Chris. I'm getting a definite 007 circa Sean Connery vibe from this deliciously unique pantsuit. Gold accessories and a great pair of shades cement the retro image. This is the ultimate supermodel outfit, making Elle look about 90 feet tall and perfectly proportioned (which, I suppose she is anyway). All-in-all, I love this look.
Her Verdict: Style Winner
(credit: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto)

Robyn & Nanna Oland Fabricius

Steph: Chris, I love these singers for brightening my day and giving me a good laugh. Swedish singer Robyn and Danish singer-songwriter Nanna (aka Oh Land) nearly burned my retinas with these outfits worn to the NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood. The striped Pippi Longstocking tights are hilarious, but made much more entertaining when paired with those bright white ankle socks and green shoes. I'm not 100% clear on whether or not the other outfit is a dress, a costume or a really high-cut clown outfit, but whatever it is... I love it for being so terrible. Thanks for giving me a laugh ladies!
Her Verdict: Style Losers
Christopher:I have no idea who Nanna Oland Fabricius is but I will say that I seriously love Robyn. You could say that for the last year and a half I have had a musical obsession with the woman. That being said... I'm fully aware that the girl can't really dress herself... but apparently this Nanna woman can't either. Maybe they bonded over that fact on the red carpet. Edgy styles? Fashion-forward? Nah... just ridiculous. Robyn and Nanna walked last week's NewNowNext red carpet looking like rejects from some super camp Disney flick.
His Verdict: Style Losers
(credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LOGO)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Taylor Momsen: Music Sensation...Bringing Back Classic Rock

I first came across Taylor Momsen a few years ago, while skimming the channels on tv at my Grandparents home.  To me, she just seemed moody and forgettable, so much so, that after I finished watching, I promptly forgot about her.  That was until late 2009 I think, when songs from her band, The Pretty Reckless, started to surface and gain publicity.  And while I'm not impressed with her choice of clothes at all (hooker much?) or her acting really, I'm impressed with her music.  Very very impressed.  She embodies  the whole idea of classic punk rock, and actually reminds me a lot of rocker Joan Jett and her band The Runaways,  or KISS.  She's edgy and fresh, and her vocals are surprisingly good.  Not only that, she writes all her own songs and plays guitar.  And more impressive than all else, she's only 17 years old.  She could be the next rock legend.
Taylor and Friends perform "All You Need Is Love" for John Lennon's 70th birthday.

Acoustic Version "Just Tonight"

Acoustic Version "Make Me Wanna Die"

To check out more of her stuff: (   

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mumford & Sons Cover by Taylor Swift?!?!?

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift's music.  I could take it or leave it, and not be any better or worse off.  But then today, I came across this video of her doing a cover for the Mumford & Sons song 'White Blank Page'.  Maybe it's just because Mumford is one of my all time favorite bands whose songs can do no wrong, but this cover is amazing.  For once, I salute you Taylor.  And of course, you too Mumford.


Yves St. Laurent: A Fashion Revolutionary

Yves Saint Laurent.  Hero.  Genius.  Inspiring.  All in all, he was, in my opinion, the greatest designer to walk the face of this earth.  He was, and indeed still is, one of the greatest names in fashion.  And although he has passed on, his brand lives on to remind us of his incredible creative genius and astounding impact on the world of modern fashion.  

"Fashions fade, style is eternal"
 Yves St. Laurent 

“Chanel gave women freedom. Yves Saint Laurent gave them power.”
Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s longtime partner

Yves St. Laurent in his office, working on designs.

“Mr. Saint Laurent revolutionised modern fashion with his understanding of youth, sophistication and relevance. His legacy will always be remembered.”
Francisco Costa, Calvin Klein designer

“Yves Saint Laurent invented everything, revisited everything, transformed everything to the service of a passion, to let woman shine and to free her beauty and mystery.”
François Pinault, founder and former CEO of the fashion group PPR



A New Love: JAK & JIL

Recently, I found this freaking fabulous fashion photography blog (How's that for an alliteration?) titled JAK & JIL.  Honestly, the photos on this site are totally RAD.  Kind of reminds me of The Sartorialist blog.
Anyway, here are a couple of photos to give you a taste.  If you want to check out more, here's the link. (  


Love. Love.

Oh, dear.  I'm swooning.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Current Playlist

The following list is what I'm listening to right now,  a compilation of all the songs I am obsessed with at the moment.

  • Mumford & Sons - The Cave
  • Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page
  • Mumford & Sons - Dust Bowl Dance
  • Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
  • Adele - Rolling in the Deep
  • Adele - Chasing Pavements
  • Nikki Yanofsky - Bienvenue Dans Ma Vie
  • Noah and the Whale - Life is Life
  • Kings of Convenience - 24-25
  • Kings of Convenience - Mrs. Cold
  • Sigur Rós- Illgresi
  • Jason Reeves - Beautiful
  • Sara Bareilles - King of Anything